More readers enjoy 'Dinner on Us'

We love good news, and we really love making good news happen.

Now we've made more neighbors happy with the news that they've won a $50 gift certificate in our latest "Dinner on Us" drawing. Rich Noer and Laurie Fleming both have shared their happiness, along with some kind words for

By now, you probably know about our "Dinner on Us" membership drive. You know the routine. You make your $20 donation (or more) to become a member of, and we put your name in our weekly drawing for a $50 gift certificate to one of the city's fun restaurants. (You also can enter just by sending an e-mail.

Find out more about our latest winners inside...

Here is Rich's story:

"I’ve lived in Northfield for 40 years, with my wife Raymonde and (a while back) our two children, now grown and living elsewhere (one in Minneapolis, the other in San Jose).  Two years ago I retired from teaching physics at Carleton, and since then we’ve been travelling (China last spring), taking courses at the Elder Collegium (I’ll be teaching one next spring), volunteering at the Northfield Historical Society, and variously enjoying the richness of opportunities here and in the Cities."

" has been a great service.  It’s an easy way to keep up with all that’s going on in town, and it’s nice to be able to see the good photos of events I missed.  (For example, all the photos and video clips of the hailstorm really helped us feel what happened —we were away on vacation at the time.)"

We also have some kind words from an earlier—and very special—winner. Laurie Fleming, who celebrates 20 years of living in Northfield this year, won dinner at Hogan Brothers. We hope she gets to use the $50 gift certificate soon with her husband, John. We'll let her tell their story...

"I am Laurie Fleming, wife of John Fleming, who is currently stationed in Iraq. I have four children. I moved to Northfield in 1986 when I got a full time job with the Northfield National Guard Unit. I have been with the Minnesota National Guard in the local and Twin Cities area for 21 years and just retired this past April. I have been in several states but never had the opportunity to venture out of the U.S. with them. Now I am a stay at home mom and, hopefully, soon opening a licensed day care for teachers' children."

Why does she like

"I am always interested in keeping up with the local news and discovering new things to do locally and has helped me keep up with local things to do and has actually helped me find things that I did not even know existed in the 20 years I have lived here. Thank You!"