Northfield in the News

The Sunday edition of the New York Times featured a piece in their Real Estate section titled, Why Some Towns Place Roadblocks on Cul-de-Sacs. The "Some Town" highlighted is Northfield, with quotes about the controversy provided by city planner Dan Olson and planning commissioner Tracy Davis. The article contrasts Northfield's stance with our near neighbor, Eagan.

Check out the story.

If you have trouble viewing the story from this link, Tracy Davis' blog also provides a PDF download.

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Print-friendly, no-fail version

NYT's access is funky with non-members.

I'm a member, of NYT, so I've made a no-fail, printer-friendly PDF version of the article available.

Thanks to our alert readers!

Thanks to Laura H. and Bryce for tipping us off to this story in the first place!

Good question...


[...]what do people have against neighborhood structures that encourage security, interaction and a degree of privacy?

That's a great question.  I'd recommend that you ask our Planning Commission, or better yet, post a message to the ISSUES list.  City officials are members/subscribers in there.