Hailstorm: Northfield Takes a Lickin', Keeps on Tickin'

Editor's note: Thanks to all the people who have contributed photos. We have nearly 200 shots of the hail and hail damage from all over town in our Hail Storm Photo Gallery. There's more info in the comments below, and the St. Olaf College website also has a great story and photos.

PLEASE, if you have photos, send them to pictures@northfield.org! We will place them in the gallery. If you have stories and comments, add them in the comments below.

Lots, lots, lots more inside - more pictures, videos, insurance information, etc...

Notable damage:


There are several videos available:

Other Galleries: There are even more picture galleries to be found...

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Video clips

I put up a couple of video clips of the hailstorm on my family weblog/website:

Thanks Griff...

More videos from my account coming soon...

American Family Contact Number:

cat 594


AmFam commercial jingles for your mobile phone (in patent-encumbered MP3 format):

Local State Farm agents here

Car damage at Dokmo's

I snapped some photos at Dokmo's and blogged them here.

More photos

Some more photos can be found here. I got a few shots of the completely destroyed greenhouse at St. Olaf as well. All photos were taken on St. Olaf's campus. So much for my car . . .

Great pix - but...

Who are you?  You say "I got..", "my car", etc.  But you've neglected to;

  1. Register with a real name (which N.org kindly suggests, right on the registration form)
  2. Identify yourself in this comment, since critera #1 wasn't met

In any event - thanks for the comment. 


True, but for consistency's sake, I preferred to use an alias, in the hopes that there would be additional fields within my account that would ask for my personal information. Alas, it was not there. Regardless, my name is Ben Landsteiner, a senior at St. Olaf (who also just happened to grow up in and around Northfield).

No prob!

Thanks for the comments, and for the pix. :-)

Ag Update

 Sounds like the worst of it was pretty localized:

  • Gardens of Eagan in Farmington said they were on the edge of it and thinks they fared well.
  • Fireside Orchards west of town said they had 1" hail and some crop loss and damage, but  it could have been worse.
  • Lorences Berry Farm just North of town said they had hail, but were pretty fortunate. They were out picking berries as I spoke to them.
  • Thorn Crest in Dundas said things look good.
  • Simple Harvest Farms in Nerstrand says it seems like they faired well.
  • Open Hands Farm just North on Highway 3 say they have some damage but faired well over all. They lost their tomatoes, squash and some greens.
  • Big Woods Farm in Nerstrand also said they seem to have dodged it with only quarter-sized hail.

Everyone seems pretty positive but eye these coming storms with aprehension.


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Another video

Here's a short, shaky video from the west side of downtown.

Also, I am now the proud owner of a '93 Pontiac with about a thousand dents in it. The impact crater in the windshield is also a nice touch.

Photo on WCCO

I've heard from people that they saw my name on WCCO-TV last night.  Evidently, they showed a photo of my daughter with the hailstones and put my name underneath it.

Here's the link to the photo that they must have used.

..and videos

Griff, it's confirmed, WCCO broadcasted both yours and my photos/videos.

 I missed it all on TV, though


A buddy of mine supposedly tivo'd it, Chip. I'll let you know what I find out.


Thanks Griff!

Strib gives a nod to the N.org blogosphere

See the Strib story on the storm

and note on the sidebar:

"Hail from the blogosphere: Northfield residents posted nearly 100 photos of hail and hail damage on a community website. Go to www.startribune.com/a1677"

that URL redirects to the N.org storm Flickr set.

Also, Northfield News photographer/reporter Dan Iverson submitted a photo to AP which ended up in the Strib's photo gallery of storm photos (#9):

 "With a quarter used as a scale, hail sits on a lawn at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., Thursday. - Dan Iverson, Northfield News via Associated Press"



Good find!