Northfield in the news

Lawyer jokes aside, we happen to like the ones down this way. One of our favorites, attorney and activist—and blogger—Carol Overland of Red Wing sent us this note:

"Didja all notice Carleton & St Olaf in the STrib today?"

We hadn't until she noted it, and we're glad she did. It's a wonderful piece on college rankings and the friendly rivalry between our two outstanding local colleges, St. Olaf and Carleton College.

Check out the story, then you can take sides here, adding comments in support of your personal favorite.

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Neither.  I just think it's pretty cool that we have two prestigious colleges in this neat little town of ours.

Ups and Downs

* Carleton has the arb, the first windmill, KRLX, and the observatory.

* St. Olaf has a hockey team and (currently) a good football team.

Carleton by a nose.

Umm, No Comment?

I wend to St. Olaf for a year, but also spend a lot of time at Carleton.

I think the comparison is a bit like comparing a top brie with a top bleu. They both are phenominal cheeses, but they have their own unique benefits.

Bleu cheese can cost more and seem more prestigious, but it can also be less accessible to many pallates. Brie, or any other soft-ripened cheese, can taste a little strong on the outside for some, but has a rich, full, creamy flavor and texture within. Brie and bleu, in fact, can ballance each other out quite well when served at a gathering -- providing great options for all, especially those who want both.

We are blessed to have such complimentary schools providing flavor and sustinance to our community.

Alexander J. Beeby

Father, Friend, Citizen


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." (Charles Darwin)