St. Olaf Construction Panoramas & Wind Turbine Pix

I've been documenting the changes to the southeast corner of campus this summer, satisfying my addiction to panoramic photography and time-based imagery in the process. "I've made a mini-website to follow the construction progress, click here to view it":

The site requires the flash plugin, which you likely already have hidden away in your web browser.

There are currently 3 panoramas for most of the sites (1-6), the first shot June 1, the second July 30, the third Aug. 12. I added a few sites on my second shoot that seemed to be good spots from which to observe the changes. The interface lets you view an aerial photo or site plan, or some cross-dissolve of both. Roll your cursor over the labels to see which panoramas are available, and click the dates to open the imagery. The 360-degree panoramas can be 'panned' by clicking and dragging within the image.

I've "recently started a blog": to post when I add images, and I'm also using it to post images of the wind turbine as it goes up:


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The pano mini-site is unbelievably cool.  A must-see.


The change in transparency from Google photo to site plan is ingenious. I noticed that you use GPS to track where you take your photos as well, which is a nice touch too.