Screening of MAKE NO NOISE to Celebrate Anniversary of Skatepark Groundbreaking


On Wednesday, June 8 at 7:00 p.m. in Carleton’s Weitz Cinema, there will be a showing of the film directed by Cecilia Cornejo Sotelo, a member of Carleton’s  Cinema & Media Studies program. Chronicling the years of efforts on the part of skateboarders to create a permanent skatepark in Northfield, the work is part of Cornejo’s series on the meaning of belonging, and our understanding of public space. This tale of youth fighting for the right to belong was shown in Austin, Texas in May at the Cine las Americas International Film Festival

Cecilia Cornejo Sotelo was  born and raised in Chile, and graduated from both the University of Ohio and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.The focus of her work is issues of displacement, marginalization, and on the experience of living in between cultures. In addition to the showing in Texas, her work has been screened in Germany, Spain, France and Cuba. She notes that this is the first production in which she has worked collaboratively as she engaged members of Northfield Union of Youth (Key) and of the Northfield Skateboard Coalition in making this film. The film depicts the efforts of youth to work within the city's decision-making system over more than a decade to build the first phase of a skatepark located in Old Memorial Field. 

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