Hometown guy wins "Dinner on Us" at the Tavern

Well, we have another winner in our "Dinner on Us" contest. Tim Freeland wins a $50 certificate to use at the Tavern—and our gratitude for helping support Northfield Citizens Online and Northfield.org.

Learn more about this great contest by clicking on the little waiter in the right column. You can make a donation of $20 and become a member, make a larger (or smaller) donation, or just register your name to win. You do a good deed, and every Monday, you've got a shot at dinner at one of Northfield's finest restaurants.

And now learn more about Tim. 

Tim has the distinction of being both a native son and a newcomer to town. And while his plans involve retailing, you won't see his shingle downtown.

We'll let him tell the story.  

"My address is 708 East Ridge Drive. I live with my 4-year-old daughter and have been back in Northfield for almost two years. I grew up here and graduated in 1991.

"While working in the Cities I was an eMarketing manager for Major League Baseball's online store. I am currently the owner and developer of a web store specific to Northfield gifts and collectibles. We look to launch NorthfieldStore.com in time for the 2006 Christmas season. We look to be an innovative platform in regards to Northfield's online presence.

"Besides the site's back-end graphical development, we are also accumulating prospective products, including historic Northfield photos, apparel, hand crafted collectibles by local artists, DJJD-related items, as well as an assortment of general gifts bearing the Northfield name. It will be a great platform to offer local products to a global market. We'll take online orders and ship to anywhere in the world.

"We are searching for more local merchants and artists to join in. We only ask that the merchandise somehow reflects the culture and likeness of this rare and unique town."

And of course, here's the part we like best, the part where he talks about why he supports Northfield.org:

"As you might guess, with my interests in the Internet and online commerce, I find Northfield.org to be a breath of fresh air in regards to its offering a fun and informative way to get news and interact with fellow citizens online. Keep up the great work!"

That was so nice we're blushing!

Now you can join in the fun—and get a chance for Dinner on Us, just by clicking on the little waiter in the upper right corner and following the simple instructions.

Maybe next week, you'll be telling your life story here.