First responders to conduct hostile event training on May 9

Local public safety agencies are teaming up to prepare for emergency scenarios like a shooting or a bomb threat.

First responders will hold a hostile event training exercise the evening of Monday, May 9 at St. Dominic School. Participating agencies are Northfield Police Department, Northfield Area Fire & Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services of Northfield Hospital & Clinics.  

This is a planned exercise. The site will have police, fire and ambulance traffic outside the school. Inside, trainees will be conducting different scenarios and drills to prepare themselves in the event that a hostile situation ever presents itself.

Hostile event training has become common for first responders across the U.S.

“It’s now the standard to include police, fire and EMS in the training because those are the three groups that will respond to an event,” said Monte Nelson, Northfield Chief of Police.

Experts recommend training all three groups together “so they can respond well together if a situation arises,” Nelson said. “It’s also recommended to do realistic, scenario-based training because that is the best way to prepare professionals for actual response.”

St. Dominic School welcomes the opportunity to hold the training at the school, said Principal Vicki Kalina Marvin. "This gives local authorities and emergency responders the chance to become familiar with our facility, which is to our community's advantage should a real emergency occur,” she said.

Residents with questions can contact Chief of Police Monte Nelson at 507-663-9301.