Say Hello To Summer: YMCA Summer Camps (register by April 15 for big savings)

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The YMCA is so excited for another summer at the new Northfield Y facility.  At Y Navigators, kids get to be kids. Whether it’s sliming their favorite counselor, learning a new stroke in swim lessons, collecting cool bugs or simply making a friend, Y Navigatros is a place for everyone to feel like they belong. We are here to welcome each kid for who they are and to help them grow mentally, physically and emotionally. Each day will bring fun and exciting opportunities for your child to try new things, get outside their comfort zone and walk away with a sense of accomplishment.

Our Y Navigator program is based on the Y’s Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. We are here to help kids understand what it means to live with character in their life and how to do so through relationship-building games, teamwork challenges, and camper-to-camper recognition.

Safety is our top priority for campers. Our dedicated team of counselors go through hours of training to ensure your child is safe, healthy and happy while they attend camp. This includes sunscreen and bugspray application, bus safety, bullying prevention, swim safety, emergency weather and CPR/First Aid certification.

Here’s what you can look forward to this summer at Y Navigators:

·        Camp Readers: 30 minutes of intentional reading every day at camp to help bridge the gap of summer and increase kids’ confidence levels with reading.

·        Camp Swim Lessons: sign your camper up to take discounted swim lessons while at camp! This fun, unique, skill-building program is for Y Navigator campers only.

·        Fun Themes & Field trips every week! View details here.

·        Revised Parent Handbook with helpful policies, procedures, FAQ, and contact info.

·        Updated Bullying Policy and this year’s preventative curriculum.

·        Fun sports & games to keep your kids active and healthy all summer long, including GaGa Ball, Tetherball, Nerf challenges, Jumbo Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, swimming, soccer,  football, Capture the Flag, Spud, and more!

·        Fun art & creative activities to engage campers imaginations, including skit wars, music hour, Y Talent Show, tie-dying, clay creations, sand art, lacing projects, beading, and so much more!

·        Returning counselors include Tonks, Squeaks, Pebbles, Phoenix, Special K, Zo Bear, Twix, Prince, Troll, Shaggy, and Birdy!

For more information and to register, visit the Y's website and we'll see you at the Y this summer! 

Time is running out! Lock in your registration dates and SAVE UP TO $120!

EARLY BIRD pricing (before April 15 only!)

Y Members                   $133 for 5 days a week (save $10/week!)

                                                            $111 for 4 days a week (save $10/week!)

                                                            $92 for 3 days a week (save $5/week!)


Community                   $142 for 5 days a week (save $10/week!)

                                                            $120 for 4 days a week (save $10/week!)

                                                            $97 for 3 days a week (save $5/week!)

REGULAR pricing (beginning April 15)          

Y Members                   $143 for 5 days a week

                                                            $121 for 4 days a week

                                                            $97 for 3 days a week


Community                   $152 for 5 days a week

                                                            $130 for 4 days a week

                                                            $102 for 3 days a week