Recycling pays off for Green Teams

Have you ever noticed the recycling centers outside EconoFoods and Cub Foods? Have you ever used them?

Lots of people do, and their trash is turning into treasure for local nonprofit organizations. The youth groups, operating as "Green Teams," encourage people to bring in their recycling items and at the end of their designated months, pick up a check for the value of the material recovered. This week two Green Teams picked up their checks at the City Council meeting.

The teams are The Northfield Youth Choirs (at left) and The Northfield Goal Club (above). These two teams served as the Youth Recycling Green Teams for May-July. Together the two teams educated residents, monitored the recycling boxes and recycled 151.6 tons of cardboard and mixed paper at the two recycling drop-off locations in Northfield. Waste Management donates $15 for each ton recycled to the Green Teams. Each organization will receive a check for $1,337.45.

Mary Wojick organized the Green Team project for the Northfield Goal Club and got the boys to help out. All the boys who were at the City Council meeting Monday are returning varsity members. They were Cody Mitchell, Matt Wojick, Nick Root and Jacob Nelson. Some of boys shared what they learned from the experience.

Cody Mitchell, a senior soccer player, said, "A few things we learned from being a Green Team member… The Northfield Goal Club is a non-profit organization who raise funds to support the NHS Boys Soccer program. Teamwork and cooperation really helps increase awareness of what can be recycled The amount of daily recyclable mail, junk mail is amazing. A little effort on everyone’s part goes a long way to help our environment."

Senior Matt Wojick said, "We set up emails to families of all boys' traveling soccer teams reminding them of our recycling efforts. At all soccer games, activities and events, we had parents reminding each other about the Green Team. We had boys and parents help clean up our area and we tried not to use any paper reminders in an effort of conservation."

Senior Nick Root added, "We will use the money that we earned from participating in the Green Team in the following ways: We plan to purchase several trees for the Spring Creek Soccer Complex to go in by the new Pavilion. We plan to purchase uniforms for Varsity, thereby allowing last year's uniforms to be recycled to the JV team—this filters down to the Middle School. We plan to look into adopting a highway along with the Northfield Soccer Association and the HS girls' soccer teams."