17-year old receives private pilot license at Stanton

Congratulations to Peter Schumann of St. Paul who passed his Flight Test with the FAA on Saturday August 5th at Stanton Airfield. Peter turned 17 in April and began taking flight lessons in December 2005 in Stanton's Cessna 150 aircraft.

Peter flew roughly 8 hours with an instructor prior to being granted his solo pilot certificate in April while still 16 years old. He then flew another 32 hours practicing to pass the test with an FAA examiner. The test involved several hours of oral questions by the examiner in areas of aircraft systems, airspace, navigation, weather, and aerodynamics. Following this Peter took the examiner up for several flights to demonstrate his skills in the aircraft, with particular emphasis on safety awareness and emergency procedures.

With his new license Peter can now take passengers up flying, and he already has several fly-in destinations in the area he intends to visit. Peter attends Central High School in St. Paul.

Information about Stanton Airfield can be found at www.stantonairfield.com.

Tom Rent is on the board of directors of the Stanton Airfield in Stanton.