Add some ice cream to your summer fun

Mitch Patrikus sent us this cute picture of his little sister to enter our "Beat the Heat Photo Contest." Sure, it's cooled off a little, but it's still August, the sun is shining and we can finally head out and enjoy it.

When you head out, take your camera and capture the fun. Then send the photos to us. The grand prize will be $25 worth of ice cream and lemonade for you and your friends—as long as you agree to send photos of the party.

You can shoot people relaxing, beach scenes, kids eating drippy ice cream cones, anything that means summer. (Swimsuit shots are allowed, but keep the topless photos for your personal photo albums.)

Anyone can enter, and you can send as many photos as you want. It's easy to enter:

1. Take photos.

2. Create an e-mail, attach photo.

3. Describe the photo, add your name.

4. Send to

That's it.

Deadline is August 15. You can see all the entries by clicking on the photo above.