E-Cycling at First UCC Next Saturday!

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The first Saturday of the month is coming up fast and once again, this is your best chance to dispose of old things containing circuitry or metal.  Come to the First United Church of Christ, 300 Union Street, December 5 from 10 until noon. If you miss this chance and don't want to wait until the first Saturday in January, call the e-cycler himself to arrange a time when you can bring your material directly to him to process.  His name is Jim Caswell, phone number 651-214-3857.
Here are examples of what you can bring -- at NO cost.
- Computers (desktops, towers, laptops)
- printers
- Network equipment (modems, routers)
- Stereos and Radios
- Phones
- Cables
- Other electronics
- Dehumidifiers
- Microwave ovens
- Air conditioners
- Toasters
- Refrigerators
- Other appliances
Thin monitors or TVs are OK to bring, but old-fashioned CRT-based TVs or monitors will cost from $5 to $20, depending on overall size.