Yay!  More statistics!  Here we are, again, providing readers with more interesting statistics and analytics, based on data collected from June 25, to July 27.

Look inside for the details...


During that one-month timeframe, served up 40,000+ pages (a bit more than last month). During that month, there were 15,000+ visitors browsing  That's a couple of thousand more visitors than last month.  70% of that 15,000+ figure are "return customers", so we've attracted new readership this month.  Per day, the average number of visits during the month was a tad over 322 visits.  Click the graphs below to display larger versions. 

Summary Stats-1


As usual, the two big players that folks use to browse are Microsoft Internet Exploder Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. This month, about 59% of visitors are using Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox usage slipped once again, down to 28% (pretty disappointing, considering Firefox renders much more cleanly).  Click the graphs below to display larger versions.

Browser Stats

Well, there's the stats for the month. We'll continue to post them every month for your viewing pleasure.

Chip Cuccio is an NCO Board Member, and the NCO/ Technical Committee Chairman