Northfield Under Construction: An Update

Construction continues apace for Northfield, and we've got news on three of the bigger projects - Highway 3, Northfield Crossing, and the new Library Plaza.

There's more inside and we've got a photo gallery also...
*Highway 3* has finished the infrastructure on the northbound lanes. The Water Street elbow has been cemented over and the parking lot restored. Crews are flattening the earth in preparation for paving, "which puts them right on target for a late July/early August end to the detour": After this, it appears that they will tear up the southbound lanes and do pretty much the exact same thing, with this phase ending in October/November. If this is true, be prepared for some heavy DJJD traffic.

The *Library Plaza* is nearing completion. "As you can see from this picture": the major features are already finished, incluing what will be a nice bit of signage for the library. The base for the art/statue display is also in place.

*Northfield Crossing* is also moving along. "You can see the elevator/ventilation shafts have risen": on at least one of the buildings.