YMCA Youth in Government Preparing for Model Assembly

Calling all 8th-12 grade students!  The YMCA Youth in Government Model Assembly Program is gearing up for another year of Model Assembly fun.  Deadlines are approaching.  For more information, contact Liz Cooney at Liz@northfieldymca.org or 507-645-0088 and visit our website at http://northfieldymca.org/news/model-assembly-program-areas/

Y Youth-in-Government Model Assembly Program information: 

If you enjoy debating important issues, if you are creative and open-minded…You may want to consider being a LEGISLATOR

​ (for 9th - 12th grades) ​


Legislators are the people who are in the forefront of the legislative process. They represent the people of the state and try to come up with ways that the government can serve them better—they make, change or get rid of laws. You get a chance to come up with your own good ideas for legislation and use your debating skills to get your bills passed. Your primary focus is legislation but you also get to speak and debate in groups on the floor of the House or Senate and in committee. Bills that receive legislature approval will be sent to the Youth Governor or Youth Lieutenant Governor for signature.

If you enjoy speaking in front of small groups, if you are a hard worker and a problem solver… you may want to consider being in the COURT PROGRAM

​ (9th - 12th grades)​


The Court program gives you a lot of time to examine issues (our fancy word for arguing!). As an attorney, you represent one side of a case and try to convince a panel of judges that your take on the law or constitution is the correct one. If you become a judge, you get to listen to the arguments of others and poke holes in them with your piercingly intelligent questions. It’s all about the analysis! The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals hearings are held in the Judicial Center in the Capitol Complex. Each youth lawyer sits on the bench as a Justice or Judge at least once.

If you enjoy working on a team, if you are responsible and resourceful…You may want to be a CABINET MEMBER

​ (9th - 12th grades) ​


As a Cabinet member, you and advise the Youth Governor or Lt. Governor on legislative and administrative questions. You also serve as the Executive Branch liaisons to the joint committees of the Houses and Senates. You will provide written reports on the current status of your department, based upon actual information. Departments range from Transportation to Education. Finally, you provide your opinions in writing on any legislation currently under consideration which may affect your department and the Governor or Lt. Governor’s political platform.

If you enjoy debate, working independently and if you are assertive…You may want to be a LOBBYIST

​ (10th - 12 grades)


A Lobbyist is the person behind the scenes who pushes bills through the legislative process. Lobbyists represent clients, and they try and get certain bills to pass or fail depending on how it affects the client’s interests. You can use all your debating and negotiating skills to convince legislators to think your way or you can organize campaigns about legislation to reach whole groups. Your primary focus is still legislation and you also get to use your debating skills.

If you enjoy writing, meeting deadlines and if you are a creative thinker…You may want to consider being in the MEDIA CORPS

​ (10th - 12th grades)​


The media plays a vital role in the way the government runs, how the people get government information, and there are a variety of jobs to choose from. You could be the journalist who discovers the big scoop about a controversial bill, or you may want to run a feature on personalities or social aspects of Model Assembly. You could be a photographer or a video editor, or even try your hand at advertising. You could interview legislators on a particular bill for a television or radio broadcast. The Media Corps is a great place to be, plus you get a great picture of all the different parts of Model Assembly.

Participants write, edit, design and print daily newspapers during the Model Assembly Session.
Participants tape, edit, and produce nightly newscasts. They are also responsible for coverage program events and for producing a final, summary broadcast of the Model Assembly. TV news participants must take part in several training and accreditation events before the Model Assembly Session.
Participants produce radio news and entertainment programs for broadcast at the conference hotel during the Model Assembly Session.

If you are an 8th grader… you will be a member of the LEADERSHIP CORPS
Students will be introduced to each aspect of the Model Assembly and have a chance to learn, up-close, the inner workings of state government. Like a “sampler platter” of YIG, students will have the opportunity to participate in skill building and leadership development activities that will enhance their role as active citizens . . . meet new people . . . and have fun the whole time.