"Dinner On Us" Membership Drawing

Week Four Drawing:  Froggy Bottoms

We are proud to announce that our fourth "Dinner On Us" gift certificate is for $50 to Froggy Bottoms.  By becoming a member of Northfield.org you will be entered into the Dinner On Us membership drawing.  The deadline for this week is midnight on July 30th with the winner being announced on Monday, July 31th.


You don't have to contribute to enter, and if you don't win, your name will be forwarded to the next week's drawing. That means you'll have several chances to win.


To sign up now, just go to the New Member page. The suggested donation is $20 per year per person. Of course, if you'd like to suggest a higher number, we'd be thrilled and very grateful.

To enter without becoming a member, just send a message through the Contact Us button.

This is our way of saying thank you for becoming a member and for visiting the Northfield.org site to find out what's happening in your community.  The following is a summary of past winners.


Week  Resturant
1 The Ole Store  Anner Jarvis
2 Rueb 'N' Stein Mary Schier
3 Chapati Bill Ostrem
4 Froggy Bottoms