This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

The 'Sphere is back after a bit of a summer break. I'm going to stretch the rules a bit this week, so let's call this edition _This Week Plus a Few Days in the Northfield Blogosphere_. There's lots to cover, so let's get to it...

*Chip Cuccio* makes the front page of "Lifehacker": with his "really cool program":

bq. Heh. Looks like my recently-written little app is somewhat cool. Hell, it made Lifehacker’s Download of the Day. As a Lifehacker reader/fan, I’m honored.

*Gary Smith*, Northfield's Head Copper, tackles the recent dust-up over "a possible sex offender living in Northfield":

bq. An email started circulating around Northfield on last Wednesday, providing a photo and address information for an individual that is reported by a website that apparently collects sex offender data from the various state offender sites throughout the United States.

*Ross Currier* and the NDDC are hosting the "first annual _Taste of Northfield_":

bq. The event is this Thursday, July 20th, from 5 to 8 pm. Most of Northfield's favorite tastes will be available in the very heart of our community, the City will be providing picnic tables in Bridge Square and the adjoining park along the Cannon River, there'll will be face painting and music and a whole lot of fun times.

*Griff Wigley* is "mixing blogs, RSS, and email is a very cool way":

bq. It works in harmony with the RSS feed and has the great advantage of allowing you to send out emails automatically (