Just Food seeks new board members

Submitted by Joey Robison

Four people will be elected in 2006 to serve on the Just Food Board of Directors. Member-owners are eligible to be elected to three of the open positions. Co-op employees are eligible to be elected to the fourth open position. Board members are elected democratically by member-owners: one membership may cast one vote for each of the four open positions. Votes cast by the beginning of the annual meeting in October will be tabulated and the results announced during the program. New board members begin serving their terms in October.

The Board governs the Co-op on behalf of member-owners. It does this by defining Board Policies and monitoring compliance with those policies. The policies determine the long-term direction of the Co-op and provide the framework within which the General Manager makes operational decisions. Member-owners interested in learning more about the Board should contact the president, Ron Griffith, via email to board@justfood.coop or by phone at (507)645-2756.

An orientation session to discuss the workings of the Just Food Board of Directors will be held on Wednesday, July 26, at 7 p.m. in the Co-op meeting room. Member-owners, Co-op employees, and prospective board candidates who are interested in learning more about how the board does its work are invited to attend the orientation. This session is a good opportunity to ask questions for those who want to know more about the board or who may be undecided about seeking election. The deadline to apply for Board nomination is Thursday Aug. 17.

Joey Robison is the Marketing and Member Services Manager for Just Food Co-op.