Stanton Airfield adds sport pilot license training

Click on photo for larger viewStanton Airfield has added a fun new aircraft, called a Flight Design CT, that is designed for the emerging sport pilot community.  The sport pilot rating is a new rating type that is designed to bring flying to more people.  It is about half the cost and half the time to obtain than a private pilot rating, and only requires a valid driver's license rather than a 3rd class aviation medical cerificate to qualify. 

Stanton Airfield was the first to grant a sport pilot rating in Minnesota and the first to grant a sport pilot instructor rating in Minnesota.  In 2006 thus far, more than six new pilots have been trained in the new Flight Design CT at Stanton.

If you have ever desired to learn to fly, the Sport Pilot rating could be right for you.  Some pilots receive their rating in less than three months and for about $4,000.  We welcome anyone to stop by the airport and learn more about the sport pilot program and the Flight Design CT aircraft.  You can also visit the website at

Tom Rent is on the board of directors of the Stanton Airfield in Stanton.