If you see something or hear something, then say something: Anonymous tip line available in Rice County


The Mayor's Task Force on Youth Alcohol and Drug Use, in partnership with the Rice County Sheriff’s Office, the Rice County Chemical Health Coalition, Northfield Police and Faribault Police, would like to get the word out to Northfield community members about the TIP411 program in Rice County. Often community members don’t want to report illegal or risky activity for fear of getting involved. Through the TIP411 program, law enforcement agencies across Rice County can accept 100% anonymous crime tips via cell phone text messages. Our hope is that this resource will allow community members to reach out for help when they feel that their safety is threatened, or when they are concerned for their family, friends and neighbors.

Community members can use TIP411 to report information related to crime, drugs, fights, underage drinking, bullying, violence, vandalism, theft, drunk drivers, weapons, gangs threats, and friends in trouble.  To text a tip, simply start a new text message. Type 847411 in the phone number spot. Type RICECO in the message portion of the text. Type the specific crime information or tip, and hit send. 

Messages are sent to Citizen Observer, Inc. and stripped of all identifying information. A local officer receives the message and determines whether Faribault Police, Northfield Police, or the Rice County Sheriff’s Office will follow up. Watch the TIP411 public service announcement and find additional details by visiting the Rice County Chemical Health Coalition’s website at ricecountychc.com/tip411. 

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