Couple to move house - from Bloomington to Northfield

house on wheelsPeople move from one house to another all the time. And it’s not unusual for a family to move from a split-level to a rambler. But David and Susan Slettton are putting a twist on the usual story by moving a split-level house from up near the Mall of America in Bloomington to Northfield, putting it on a new foundation that will turn it into a rambler.

At least that’s the plan the City Council approved Monday night. The new site is 1901 Lincoln Street (click for map), just off Jefferson Road. The Slettons, who are from Farmington, said after the meeting that they don't plan to live in the house. It's just their most ambitious project so far in the process made famous on cable television home networks as "flipping." The Slettens buy homes, rehab them and then sell them at a profit. He is an experienced drywall contractor, and she works with him on their rehab projects.

"It will fit in with the neighborhood," Susan told two neighbors of the new site, who arrived after the vote was taken. The Slettens explained that they've always liked Northfield. In fact, they probably familiar to people who come to the Defeat of Jesse James Days, where they run a pork chop concession each year.

The Slettens said they found the lot, then went to a professional house-moving contractor to see whether they could find a house. They hadn't thought about moving one quite so far, but the house was one of several being sold and moved to make room for a new development project.

"We prayed about this whole deal," Dave Sletten said, touching a cross hanging around his neck. And while they won't live in the home, they promised the neighbors they'll have a housewarming party when the house arrives in its new home.

The city staff report indicated that the house, which is valued at $172,700 without land or remodeling, will be a good fit with the new neighborhood. The Slettens declined to say what they paid for the house or lot.

The moving firm still has to determine a route without overpasses or other obstacles and get a date worked out with police and utility companies that may have to move power lines. The Slettens are shooting for the end of July so they can have the house renovations done and the home on the market by sometime in September.

Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted on this unusual couple's unusual "moving day."