This week at City Hall

City officials took last week off, but they'll be making up for lost time with busy agendas tackling lots of issues. You can check out all the meetings, agendas and other information at the City Hall website and through the links below.

The City Council will hold public hearing on the approval of $33 million in bonds for Northfield Hospital. The total includes $10 million to build a clinic on its Northfield campus and another in Farmington, with the balance a refinancing of the 2001 bond issue for the new hospital. The bonds will be paid through hospital revenues and not the city's general budget, so there will be no tax increase. The council is expected to approve the bond issue and to award a contract for $4,415,700 to RJM Construction of Plymouth for a new clinic on the hospital campus.

In other hospital business, representatives will discuss progress on sales of two homes and three lots near the former hospital site and the conversion of some land to an addition to Way Park. The process includes changing the land use plan, putting restrictions on the lots and homes to allow only owner-occupied single family homes. A vacant lot at 900 West Second Street is proposed to be transferred to the Housing and Redevelopment Authority for construction of a home.

A proposed movie theater makes another move through the government maze as the council votes on rezoning 22 acres near Highway 3 from light industrial and agricultural to commercial. James Gleason is planning to sell the land to a developer for a multi-screen movie theater.

The council will asked to decide whether to remove a pedestrian bridge in Viking Village at a cost of $20,000 and use other routes to handle pedestrian traffic or to remove it and have the staff bring back a plan and budget for a replacement.

One problem is getting only a temporary fix. The council is slated to vote on whether to extend its interim contract with NTV to provide local access television through the summer while it attempts to come to an agreement on a longer term contract. The council approved the interim contract last November when it couldn’t reach an agreement, and the extension is designed to allow public meetings and more negotiations.

 This is how the rest of the week is shaping up.

City Council, 7 p.m.

Library Board, 7 p.m., Northfield Public Library.
Mayor’s Youth Task Force, 7 p.m.
Board of Zoning Appeals, 7 p.m.
Planning Commission, 7 p.m. 
Park and Recreation Board, 7 p.m.

Economic Development Authority
, 7:30 a.m.
Housing and Redevelopment Authority, 5p.m. 
Human Rights Commission, 7 p.m.