Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House to open second location


Longtime downtown Northfield coffee shop Goodbye Blue Monday is set to open its second location in Dundas in what is expected to be the first of 73 new shops.

The new java shop’s soft opening is slated for April 11 and will kick off with a "Breakfast of Champions."

Dundas City officials let word slip that the new coffee bar is called Hello Periwinkle Tuesday.

It was hard to know because the storefront, located in the former RadioShack space, is blocked out by mounds and mounds of coffee beans. Seriously there are beans everywhere, as well as a handful of scattered Semisonic and Gin Blossoms CDs.

Dundas lauded its simplistic approach to ecomonic development as the key to landing the new business. The deal closed quickly.

"What? You want to come here? Done," is how one city councilor recalled the meeting going.

While bitterness is expected from the Northfielders who like to walk or bike to Goodbye Blue Monday, a few Northfield marathon runners and Iditarod would-bes are expected to make the trek out to the small burg for their caffeine fix.

“That’d be sweet,” said one guy on Bridge Square as he passed by on his fatbike. “Or is it spicy?”

Rumors of the GBM purveyors looking to open a slaughterhouse at 5 Railroad St. couldn’t be confirmed at this time.