This week at City Hall

A new Economic Development Plan, changes in the downtown historic district's building restrictions, a nearly $2 million plan to buy wireless automated meter-reading technology, and plans for an innovative artists' studio/housing center downtown are all up for discussion this week.

The council is slated to set a July 10 public hearing on the approval of $33 million in bonds for Northfield Hospital's plans to build a clinic on its Northfield campus and another in Farmington. The bonds will be paid through hospital revenues and not the city's general budget, so there will be no tax increase. In other hospital business, representatives will discuss progress on sales of two homes and three lots near the former hospital site.

In addition, the council is slated to approve $3.21 million in bonds for the new outdoor swimming pool, with payments that will come out of the annual city budget at a rate of between $110,000 and about $245,000 a year through 2025. In a technical move, the city will lease the pool to the Economic Development Authority, which will issue the bonds.

Finally, there will be continuing discussions of library building issues.

Economic Development Authority, 6:30 p.m. Special meeting.
City Council, 7 p.m.

Charter Commission, 4 p.m.
Environmental Quality Commission, 7 p.m.
Library Board, 7 p.m., Northfield Public Library.
Mayor’s Youth Task Force, 7 p.m.

Fourth Ward Neighborhood Meeting
, 7 p.m., hosted by Councilor Galen Malecha at St. John’s Church, 500 Third St. W.

Economic Development Authority
, 7:30 a.m.