Northfield Shares Grant Application Deadline Approaching!

Nonprofit organizations seeking grant funding from Northfield Shares in 2015 are encouraged to submit their applications soon. The deadline to apply is October 1. Formed as a result of the merging of 5th Bridge and Northfield Area Foundation, Northfield Shares disbursed over $38,000 in grants in its 2014 cycle. This year, Northfield Shares will continue its tradition of providing funding for projects that create long-term solutions to enhance the well-being of the Northfield area. 

Northfield Shares, a community endowment and hub for volunteerism, exists to build a better Northfield through philanthropy, volunteerism and collaborative leadership. The funds it makes available are used to help make this mission come alive. A wide range of projects can receive funding, from those that serve a specific group of people to those that make the community a more beautiful place to live. Projects and organizations that have received funding in past years include educational outreach for HOPE Center, the Northfield WORKS program at the Community Action Center, and Northfield Promise, a project of the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative. These are just a few of the nine grants awarded in 2014.

Board President Craig Ellingboe explains, “Our grants are especially unique in that they not only support projects that foster community development, but they are also funded by local philanthropists. The legacy donations given by community members provide a lasting gift to both local volunteers and to the people they serve.” By using local funds to support local causes, Northfield Shares fosters a community-focused sense of philanthropy and volunteerism in the Northfield area.

Northfield Shares manages five endowments, each of which adheres to different grant guidelines. The managed endowments are the Grace Whittier Fund, the Marston Headley and Dorothy Stone Headley Fund, the Nutting Beautification Fund, the Nutting Family Fund and the Street Family Fund. The quantity and variety of these endowments allow Northfield Shares to serve a wide range of organizations and community members. More information about each of the endowments is available on the Northfield Shares website –

For detailed grant guidelines and the online grant application, organizations should visit the Northfield Shares website. All applications will be reviewed by the Northfield Shares Board of Directors for their general eligibility and conformity to the grant guidelines and project feasibility. 

Northfield Shares is a Northfield-area nonprofit founded to advance philanthropy, inspire volunteerism and promote collaborative leadership. The organization was formed when 5th Bridge and Northfield Area Foundation merged. For more information, visit