This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere...

The 'Sphere is back from Sin City - tanned, rested, and with both of my kidneys. That's a successful Las Vegas trip by any standard.

Since the 'Sphere's been out of the loop for a while, it's *_Current Events_* as the topic this week: things being built, things being torn down, and everything in between.

More inside...

*Bruce Morlan*, Dundas Commish, is wondering "What's Northfield up to?":

bq. Well, a firestorm hit Northfield over a proposal to build a new multi-plex theater across Hwy3 from the Target complex. I commented early on the report, and thought I'd expand on that comment here. Of course, I thought Northfield would be using a PUD like Dundas does to control the integration of the new development into a regional plan. Turns out, Tracy Davis of the Northfield Planning Commission thinks they won't be able to guide the development.

*Carol Overland* examines the idea of "building an Ethanol plant in Bridgewater Township":

bq. They plan to dump the wastewater into Wolf Creek, and Stephenson apparently didn't know that Wolf Creek is an impaired water -- they won't be dumping any wastewater there! And how exactly would they get it from Hutton's land to Wolf Creek?!?!? Here's the MPCA Impaired Waters list in PDF and searchable Excel.

*Vivus Architecture* talks about "building homes using energy modeling":

bq. During design, we can understand the implications of building orientation, large expanses of glass, sunlight penetration and thermal mass. Then, when the building is built, our client will have an educated understanding of what to expect for energy consumption costs.

*Chip Cuccio* covers not one, not two, but three different topics, "the Village School, the library, and the movie theatre proposal":

bq. I commend the City Council’s recent vote on the Hwy. 3 land use, enabling the possibility of a new movie theater. Now Dundas/Bridgewater will have a nice, new, modern theater too. Kids in school will have opportunities of new jobs, and families will have yet another cool place to go and have a good time.

*Ross Currier* recounts the "NDDC-sponsored forum on the ideas for a new library":

bq. Library Board Chair Mark Gleason did a nice job discussing the consultant's report and how we got to it. He helped us to realize that the library staff has been getting more leverage out of existing assets than any other in the region. City Administrator Al Roder followed with an update on the decision-making process and put the library project in the context of a number of important, and expensive, projects that Northfield is currently considering.

And lastly, I've gotta break from the topic to include an entry from *River City Books* talking about "_Knights of the Gridiron: A History of Carleton College football_, a new book written by Bob Sullivan": It's local history and local people like this that make Northfield a great place to live...

bq. "This book is filled with pictures, anecdotes, and interviews with former players, as well as a complete history of Carleton football," Sullivan says. "Carleton has enjoyed a long, glorious and winning football tradition and it has been a labor of love, as well as therapeutic, for me to write about it."

That's it for this week's 'Sphere. Keep cool and never bet on 7 Red. That )@*#)#@$ number never hits.

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