Road construction continues...

Road Construction MosaicThe big Highway 3 road construction project continues in Northfield. is there, and while "our online construction photo gallery": won't make your trip any quicker, we hope that the indication of progress will make it a little cheerier.

The construction this summer is in two phases. Phase One (the current phase) is scheduled to be complete by August 18th, "according to MNDOT": Phase two will start after that and finish in October. This means that there may be some significant DJJD(Defeat of Jesse James Days) traffic impact.

More inside...

North-south traffic on Hwy 3 continues to be slow during busy hours as flow is reduced to a single lane. Water Street is torn up near Hwy 3, including the sidewalks. The Q-block has a 25-30' high, 60' wide dirt pile, while Subway temporarily lost its drive-through this morning.

East-west Hwy 19 traffic has been re-routed through the west side of town, coming out near Lincoln and 19.

The 5th street bridge and Water street bridge are both blocked off for through traffic, but are not under construction and remain intact.