City to sell homes, lots near Way Park

We just pulled this from the City Hall website.

An informational meeting outlining the process for the sale of four houses (including the one pictured at left) and three vacant lots from the former Northfield Hospital campus will be Tuesday, June 6, from 7-9 p.m. at St. John’s Church, 500 West Third St. At the meeting, representatives of Northfield Hospital will present their plan for disposing of the properties within guidelines established by the Northfield City Council. There will be an opportunity for questions. City representatives will also be at the meeting.

The former hospital site and adjacent homes owned by the city cover 4.73 acres in the 800-block between West First and West Second streets. The city council decided in 2004 that the 2.7 acres donated for the 1938 hospital be used to expand Way Park. To underwrite a portion of the cost of removing the old hospital, the hospital is authorized to sell the houses and vacant lots acquired after the original hospital was built.

Two of the vacant lots front on West Second Street. They are 154 feet deep and 66 feet wide. One vacant lot fronts on West First Street. It is also 154 feet deep and 66 feet wide. Two houses that front on West First Street -- 805 West First and 809 West First -- will be available for purchase immediately. They also occupy 154 by 66 foot lots. Two of the homes -- 706 West Second and 908 West Second -- are still being used by hospital services and are expected to be sold in 2007.

The Northfield City Council has specified that the properties be used for single-family dwellings and be owner-occupied for 10 years. Dwellings constructed on the vacant lots and significant exterior modifications to the houses must meet certain design standards to ensure compatibility with the neighborhood.

For more information, contact Northfield Hospital at 507-646-1001.