ISSUES List bubbles with library ideas

Surely you've heard that the city is talking about how to meet the future needs of a library that's bursting at its architecturally significant seams. Well, the readers who have joined our ISSUES List have been batting around ideas for how to solve the problem.

The official report estimates costs could run $9.2 million or more. These ideas haven't been analyzed for cost effectiveness, but they all get points for creativity. You can join the ISSUES List discussion, add a comment below or check out the NDDC forum on the topic Tuesday, June 6.

Here are just a few of the ideas...

Expand the existing building toward Division Street, adding underground parking that would exit on Division.

Expand the existing building to the south, which could extend into or beyond the existing street and parking lot.

Build next to City Hall.

Use the current City Hall as part of a new library. Move City Hall to the existing library.

Build a new library adjacent to the Grand, possibly with underground parking. Move City Hall into the existing library and create a public space and parking between the two buildings.

Lease the top three floors of the proposed new Community National Bank Building.

Keep the current library and find or create a separate structure for a children's library.  

So what do you think? Which option do you like best? Which doesn't work at all for you? Add your ideas here, or join the discussion. If you need more information, you can read the full draft report on the library's needs and some key options for solving them.