This week in the Northfield Blogosphere...

The 'Sphere is back again, and the theme this week is presented in haiku form:

bq. _Northfield, your profuse_
_writing makes my job easy._
_Keep up the good work._

People were in the writing mood; this week, we're looking at entries over 500 words. Even more inside...

*Bruce Morlan* recounts attending "a speech by Colin Powell":

bq. So, as Gorbachev was explaining "glasnost" and "peristroika", Powell was scowling and (as he puts it) thinking, "why should your problems mean that I'm out of a job?", when Gorbachev leaned slightly forward, and with a hint of a smile, said, "General, general, general. You will have to find a new enemy now.".

*Diane Cirksina*, Nfld school board member, ponders the "future of education and the transition it will take in the next twenty years":

bq. I worry a lot about how much we might miss the mark on many things technological, just because we are adapting to a whole new language, the digital language the natives speak. I suspect we will, in the next generation, need to redefine how we look at classrooms, buildings and materials.

*Ray Cox* has an extremely cool post on one of the state senators "using his old election signs to build a playhouse for his kids":

bq. When completed, the playhouse looks very nice. Even the roof is constructed from signs. The plastic signs we use today for campaigns seem just about indestructable, so I suspect the playhouse will last many years.

*ReNew Northfield* reports from the "Bike/Walk to work day in Northfield":

bq. Karen Anderson rides around town to run errands from her home in the south part of town. She reported having ridden 23.6 miles on errands already this week as of this morning.

*Carol Overland* goes head to head with "NPR in Red Wing":

bq. Another thing, "the people" clearly get the problems with JOB-Z, perks for corporations, and that there is more to economic development than cash for corporations and "jobs, jobs, jobs" at $7/hr. I think people are generally disgusted and tired of being screwed, and maybe that's a good sign, a sign that they're willing to work for change.

*Father Denny Dempsey* regales with "_Breaking duh Fishy Code_, a 150 year old thriller":

bq. As Dodd pointed out his friend's name, North's eyes became fixed on the message carved in the sandstone below his name. He knew immediately that it was written in the secret code of the Jaredites. After committing the message to memory, North took out a pen knife and scraped it away, carving Dodd's name in its place.

*Micheal Moore*, Carl-in-China, tells us of "Spring Break, Mandarin-style":

bq. Overnight train to Qingdao, boat to Dalian, train back to Beijing. Only 1600 RMB too, which was a pretty good deal we thought. Eunice decided to head off to Inner Mongolia instead, so it was just Alicia and I for the coastal trip.

*That's it* for this week! Thanks to all the loquatious bloggers in town. The _'Sphere_ will *not* be back next week as I'm going to Sin City for some R&R, so I'll see y'all in June.

bq. _Vegas flights are cheap,_
_Gambling, not so much. How much_
_they pay for kidney?_

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Sen. Gerlach's playhouse idea is amazing.  It came out beautiful!


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