Northfield's civic blogosphere

(Updated: 12.17.05)
It's starting to happen: a cluster of weblogs in a small geographic area that are at least occasionally devoted to civic matters -- Northfield, Minnesota's civic blogosphere. (Definition of blogosphere: the intellectual cyberspace occupied by a subset bloggers.)

Northfield Citizens Online Board members and volunteers have been working on making weblogs a tool for strengthening the civic fabric of the area, both for individual citizens, local leaders, and local non-profit organizations.


We think it's good for democracy for citizens to be more than passive consumers of media. We see weblogs as a tool that can be used for "conversational journalism" or "citizen-driven journalism," a unique way to have a dialogue among separate sources of information that's not otherwise easily done.

We think it's possible that the collective wisdom of Northfield's Civic Blogosphere (citizens, community leaders, public officials, government staff) can help improve the effectiveness of local government.

If you're interested in having a weblog, talking to someone about weblogs, know of another weblog in the area that should be listed here, or in helping us with this effort, Contact Us.

Civic Leader Weblogs

Non-profit organization weblogs:

Civic-oriented citizen weblogs