HRA Considers Affordable Housing near Way Park

Way Park may get some new neighbors, and the city may get some needed affordable housing without sprawl, thanks to a plan the Housing and Redevelopment Authority is slated to present to the Northfield Hospital Board Wednesday.

Details haven't been released, but HRA officials are slated to begin discussion today on the possibility of taking ownership of three lots the hospital owns adjacent to Way Park. The park was recently expanded to include the site of the old hospital, which was razed after services were moved to its new site along North Avenue. The hospital retained ownership of three lots outside the park boundary.

No information was available late Tuesday about how many housing units are being considered or how large the site is.

There has been much discussion in city meetings and on's ISSUES List about ways to create more housing within walking distance of downtown. But there is little available land.

No action is expected at today's board meeting, which begins at 4 p.m. at the hospital.