This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

It's a visual feast this week on the 'Sphere - if your pics ain't rockin', we don't come knockin'. Pictures of Northfield, St. Paul, Beijing, and much, much more after the jump...

*Gary G. Smith*, Chief O' Police in Our Fine City, "has a description (with pictures, natch) about how the Hwy. 3/19 construction is affecting the police and fire departments":

bq. Other than the live-in firefighters taking cold showers last night and this morning, we maintained our operational readiness for an emergency.

*Ray Cox*, Rep O' State in Our Fine Congressional District, has some "pictures of a UMN football stadium rally and the Capitol building":

bq. Lots of folks in the construction industry are anxiously waiting and hoping the state can come to agreement on one or two stadiums this session. A $400-$500 million construction project translates into thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of construction material purchases.

*Griff Wigley*, Honoray Mayor For Life O' Our Fine Website, visits St. Paul "as part of an e-Democracy outreach program":

bq. Last week I tagged along with Tim Erickson and St. Paul e-democracy colleagues (left) at the Lexington Outreach Library.

The *Union of Youth*, Kids O' The Fine Generaion Y, will be "reading _On The Road_ by Jack Kerouac":

bq. Come by The Key this monday, the 15th, at 5:00 to pick up a FREE copy of the book (or any time before or after then…just come on down and get your free book).

The *Northfield Construction Company* has tons of pictures showing the progress of the "Clinton Heights retail center construction": That's the new buildings just south of Allina on Hwy 3.

bq. Inside of the project trades are beginning to work on underground utilities in building.

And lastly, *Micheal Moore* (No, not _that_ Micheal Moore), Student O' The Fine College of Carleton, has a post with pictures of his campus. "No, not Carleton - Beijing":

bq. Today is easily the most beautiful day I’ve seen in Beijing. Yesterday, it rained all day - clearing the air of pollutants and dust. Thus, the sky is actually visible today.

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