Dog Park Advocates Pick Top Three Sites

Canines At Play is moving from a catchy phrase to a reality.

click to view larger mapWe've gathered information from more than 250 people and explored 10 possible sites. This week we won approval from the Park and Recreation Advisory Board to explore the three sites we had earmarked as our favorites.

Attached is a map that points to the approximate location of the three current finalist sites—namely, Babcock Park (between the Rodeo Grounds and Southgate movie theater and closer to the River); Spring Creek Park (the southeast end of the park beyond the Soccer fields); and Sibley Soccer Park (this is a large park and used less for soccer now that the Spring Creek Facility is in use, but it still has enough space separate from the fields for a dog park).

The other parks (perhaps one that is your favorite) are not currently being considered. Stay tuned for more information or call one of the CAP folks if you have comments or concerns you would like us to know and share. A public meeting date will be announced shortly by our city officials.

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Sibley Soccer Park- NOT the right choice for dog park.

Sibley Soccer Park should be removed from the list of finalists for a proposed dog park.   First, Sibley Soccer Park is adjacent to Sibley Elementary, and the park is a main walk and bikeway to school.  A dog park designation would directly impact the hundreds of kids who attend Sibley each day.  Second, Sibley Soccer Park is in a residential area.  While 32% of Northfield households have dogs, according to CAP's figures, 68% of Northfield residents do not.  Placing a dog park in such a completely residential area negatively impacts these households with noise, possible waste, and traffic.  Section 10 of Northfield's municipal code clearly intends to protect the rights of all citizens, especially those who choose not to have dogs.  Finally, Sibley Soccer Park is located on Maple Street, one of the busier residential streets in Northfield.  Additional parked cars, pedestrians, and pets interacting on Maple could pose a danger to all.

Babcock Park or Spring Creek Park do not suffer from these three drawbacks and are clearly better choices for the proposed dog park. 

Right by JJ Stadium?

Why choose parks where there is existing usage? I know of more than a few parks where there's not a thing but fields. No playgrounds, no rinks, nothing.

There's one just west of here, by Target. Currently, I believe it is home to dirt mounds. No one would object to that.



There's one just west of here, by Target. Currently, I believe it is home to dirt mounds.


Yep - that's Char Carlson Park.  Good choice.