This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

This week in the 'Sphere, we get naked and run around Carleton checking our email. Well, maybe not us, but someone does. We were going to, but we heard that job has been taken.

More inside...

The 'Sphere gives you the good stuff right up front, so here's *The KRLX Periscope* in the buff with what "they call the 'Nudiscope'":

bq. We bear it all and tell stories about nakedness and nudity. David Selassie talks to an infamous campus streaker who checks his email in the buff. Kathleen Ward interviews two of the art department nude models. James Hannaway tells us about discovering a playboy in the woods. And the periscope staff takes a highly ventilated evening jog, for fieldwork, you know?

We do a little navel-gazing in the * Tech Blog* and discover that "33% of our readers are using Firefox":

bq. Looks like Firefox is gaining some share on Currently, 33.9% of our visitors are using Firefox browsers.

*William Ostrem* peeks under the covers at the state capitol and talks to *Ray Cox* about the "recent 'Marriage Amendment' legislation in St. Paul":

bq. Leaving the rally early, we paged Rep. Cox on the House floor, and he came out to engage us in a noisy Capitol hallway. I told him that we appreciated his votes against the proposed marriage amendment to the state constitution and that we felt it was discriminatory against GLBT people. He mentioned that he was persuaded by the economic argument against the amendment: such an amendment might create an atmosphere that would cause many bright, creative people to avoid our state, whether as a place to live and work or as a place to visit.

*Reid Gilman* notes that springtime is when a young man's fancy "turns to... photography?":

bq. I encourage all of you folks reading this to check out my photos. I’ve been taking pictures of the campus.

After last week's _Death and Taxes_ theme, we deliberately kept it light. Join us again next week as we put our clothes back on and get back to work.

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