Changes Ahead for Downtown Sidewalks

Click to view larger sizeIt looks like the sidewalks of Northfield will be busy this summer, with the city considering plans for more outdoor dining and looking for places to install some new bike racks.

The immediate issue is deciding where to place eight "hitching posts," the small bike racks that are designed to fit in busy retail areas.

"The NDDC started this conversation a long time ago," said Dan Bergeson, president of the Northfield Dowtown Development Corp. "We've just been plugging away. We finally managed to get it to happen."

The city is looking for suggestions, so make them here and we'll pass them along to Howard Merriam, director of resource planning for the city.

And later this month—we'll let you know when—the city council is expected to consider an ordinance to put some parameters around dining on the sidewalks of Northfield.

Earlier this week the NDDC hosted a forum on the topic, including some dramatic pictures our friend Griff Wigley took of outdoor dining options in Italy.

The ideas sound exciting, and we can't wait to see how local restaurants put their own twist on them.