This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

This week in the 'Sphere, it's death and taxes, history and politics, reform and sweaters. Wait - sweaters?

More inside...

*Ray Cox* starts us off with a "recount of the march of the current Twins stadium bill through the House":

bq. Yesterday could have been designated ‘Forest Products Day’ due to the amount of paper distributed on the floor. We had information from the Taxpayer’s League, pie charts about sales tax distributions in Hennepin County, state-wide sales tax collections…as well as the volumes of amendments printed and distributed.

Since *David Bly* has "secured the endorsement of the DFL": it's only natural to go to him next. This fall will be Bly v. Cox again - Thrice for Rice.

bq. It was a tiring week that began with my final preparations for the endorsing convention. I was pretty confident I had the delegates to carry me through, but one never knows for sure.

The *NDDC* is aligning with a group of radicals bent on the introduction of "outside dining":

bq. However, we are restarting the conversation about outside dining in Northfield and encouraging our city's leaders to implement a long term plan on this they have been doing for years in nearby Red Wing.

The *League of Women Voters* goes after "lobbying reform":

bq. However, before the House can vote on strengthening amendments, the leadership must allow them to be offered on the floor, instead of using the rules to prohibit key amendments, like Shays-Meehan. The process for considering H.R. 4975, the “Lobbying Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006,