This week in the Northfield Blogosphere

The 'Sphere is back! Back with guns in churches, corn in gas tanks, and awards in blogging! All this and much more, inside...

*Bruce Morlan (Dundas Planning Commish)* gets us started with an "entry on carrying guns":

bq. A recent flurry of activity on the issues list concerned the general issue of how the so called "conceal and carry" law played in local churches. I made some weakly supported comments to the list that suggested that most people who go to church do not feel the need to carry their guns into those houses. Turns out I may have been wrong.

The *NDDC* includes an entry on an "upcoming meet and greet with Ray Cox and Tom Neuville":

bq. There will be time for questions from the public . The NDDC urges downtown building owners to attend and to once again urge our legislators to help protect the economic vitality of our downtown from the threat of rising real estate taxes. The meeting will be held at 7 pm, in the Northfield Public Library's first floor meeting room.

The *ArgOrg* grows with the "addition of a printmaking studio":

bq. As luck would have it, however, ArtOrg contacted Minneapolis artist Jerry Brodish when it was learned that Jerry had a nearly complete printmaking etching studio in storage. Jerry ran this studio in a 1600-square-foot loft in Northeast Minneapolis for many years, and some of those years the studio was operated on a co-operative basis (where artists rent time in the studio for a monthly fee). Jerry liked what he saw and has agreed to integrate his printmaking studio into ours.

*RENew Northfield* "expounds on biodiesel":

bq. I hope and expect that biodiesel, and diesel vehicles, are poised to play a major role in the US transportation future. Diesel vehicle sales make up about 50% of passenger vehicle sales in Europe, where fuel has been very expensive for decades because of tax policies. This is so because diesel engines are intrinsically about 30% more efficient than gasoline engines.

*KRLX* "serves up an online MP3 of _Periscope Radio_":, which I have to talk about for a second. You *really* should take the time to listen to this - it's quite good in my opinion. I'm a big fan of this type of radio and this edition of _Periscope_ is very, very well done...

bq. This week on Periscope Radio, Telephonic Triumphs. Tune in to hear stories about winning out over time and distance and reconnect with people over the phone.

Last, but certainly not least, we feel the need to recognize the *Northfield Construction Company* for "recently being identified as an _Outstanding Small Business Blog_":

bq. Northfield Construction Company was the Small Business Blog of the Day for March 10 on Brian Brown's Pajama Market weblog.

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