$9M Public Library Expansion - Draft Report

In December 2005, The Northfield Public Library had contracted library consulting firm, Robert H. Rohlf Associates (Edina), to "complete a space needs assessment for the Northfield Public Library." The consulting outfit identified two major questions needed to be answered as part of the project;

  1. determine "the needs of the community for library and information services for the next 20+ years...and what size facility will enable the community to meet those needs?"
  2. "what functional features should an expanded library include, e.g., computer labs or young adult areas?"

Robert H. Rohlf Associates began a series of interview and data collection processes in January and February 2006, consisting of "interviews of City and County officials, library staff, local residents and site visits." After several "library program section draft" reviews with the Library staff, the consulting firm has released this month, a 70-page draft program document entitled Northfield Public Library Building Program Space Needs (7.4MB PDF document).

This draft document outlines estimated library space needs (pages 5 & 6 in the document), including breakdowns of space allocation. Also outlined in the document are both the general and specific design requirements (starting on page 31) of the library.

Page 47 of the draft document, outlines the project costs for 3 different expansion scenarios;

  1. Expansion of the current facility on the existing site to the east, south and west.
  2. Expansion of the current facility to the south across 3rd Street East.
  3. Construction of a new facility on a new building site.

Page 48 depicts the "project budget alternatives", which correspond to the 3 expansion scenarios. The average cost all 3 project scenarios is $9.2M. The dollar figures listed in the document do not seem to include land acquisition costs.

Pages 49 through 63 are graphical representations of possible expansion scenarios, including the gross square footage.

Download the full draft document (7.4MB PDF) for all of the details.