Vienna? Paris? No, Northfield.

Romantic Walk Along the Cannon

Many people went out last night to enjoy the beautiful evening -- including this couple taking advantage of a romantic evening along the Cannon.

But beware! I saw my first mosquito this morning. Heidi Hamilton also said the city will have a wide variety of projects going on this summer, but that this year's Highway 3/19 work shouldn't be quite as disruptive as last year's.

Speaking of the Cannon and projects, the Cannon River Watershed Cleanup will be 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, April 29. Interested volunteers can contact Hilary Ziols at 507-646-8400.

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And ticks!

Alex saw the first mosquito! (Personally I think he kept one from last year as part of his catch-and-release program). Anyway, while biking from Northfield to Dundas, exploring the nifty island Dundas has in the Cannon, I picked up the first (tiny, but not deer tick tiny) tick of the season. Only in Minnesota would we get more press for mosquitos and ticks than robins (how mundane) as a sign of spring.