Neighbor to Neighbor: Champion Sports' Bill Brodin

Are you heading downtown Northfield to buy cleats? If you go to Champion Sports, you'll probably be helped by Bill Brodin. Bill has worked at Champion Sports for years. Here’s the scoop on Bill:

Bill Brodin, NHS ’87, was born and raised in Northfield. His mother graduated from NHS in the 1950's when the old middle school was the high school. Bill has one older brother, Dan, and one older sister, Beth. He plays golf but his favorite sport to watch is hockey. Bill's father used to be a hockey referee here in town.

Bill says the coolest thing he's ever seen in his life was game seven of the 1991 World Series. It was the loudest experience he's ever heard and outside the dome everyone was "slapping hands and acting crazy".

One thing Bill hasn't done but would like to do is travel to Europe or to New York City. He'd take a month off and just travel around.

How did our family meet Bill? One year we rode to Apple Valley and bought cleats. We promptly lost them, as is our style, so we went downtown and bought new ones at Champion Sports. I was surprised to find the same cleats, for the same money, that I had found in Apple Valley-- and I was really glad for Bill's helpfulness. We've shopped there ever since.

Champion Sports
407 Division Street South
Downtown Northfield for about 25 years