This week in the Northfield Blogosphere...

Springing anew through the defrosted grounds of the "Northfield Blogosphere": this week are entries on soccer, science, singing, and sustainability. Sweet!

More inside...

Starting us off is the brand spankin' new *KRLX Music Blog* featuring acts that have appeared recently on the Carleton Campus, "including _live recordings_ of __Page France__":

bq. Last Saturday, Page France folk-popped the pants off of everyone present at Carleton’s Cave, in a such a way that I heard not a single complaint of chilly thighs, because as everyone knows, dancing = warm legs.

*KRLX News* keeps us on the Carleton campus as they have been "posting daily news updates":, if you didn't catch them when they aired live.

*Griff Wigley* is in merry olde England and is "moblogging (mobile blogging) his way across the UK":

bq. Stephen Hilton and Carol Hayward invited to a going away party for a colleague at The LLandager Trow in Bristol tonight. This pub has quite the history.

*Police Chief Gary Smith* has "pictures of the Faribault bomber's propane tank bombs":

bq. A number of you have inquired about what was meant in the recent news reports of tanks allegedly used for explosive devices. Here are several pictures that should hopefully clear up any confusion.

It's "sign up time again": for the *Northfield Soccer Association*:

bq. In-house registration night is coming soon! Registration for In-House soccer is April 25, 5-8 pm OR April 29, 9-Noon at the Olympus Athletic Club of Northfield.

*St. Olaf* will be hosting "Ian Barber's lecture on Science and Religion":

bq. "Professor Barbour is one of the leading figures, if not the leading figure, in the contemporary work on the relationship of religion to science," says St. Olaf Professor of Religion Gary Stansell. "Some say he invented the field."

*Vivus Architecture* writes about "sense and sustainability":

bq. So, site matters; keep the design small, flexible, and functional; but above all, make sure the building captures our hearts, so it’s efficiencies last for generations.

This is just a smattering of the works available via the "Northfield Blogosphere": If you read nothing else this week, read "_Freakonomics_". And then if you have any time left over, read the 'sphere. :)