March's Nfld Public Library Board Meeting Notes

!{float:left; margin:0 5px 3px 0;}! March's Library Board Meeting has come and gone. This is an informal report of the happenings. To entice you to read it, there's a library joke at the end. :)

Enough with the chit-chat! On with the "Knots Landing"-esque drama of a modern public library!

"!{float:right;margin: 0 0 0 5px;}!":

h1. Knots Landing? I meant "The Waltons"

_The image on the right leads to a small photo gallery from the meeting..._

The March meeting was held Monday, March 20th, a slight departure from the normal meeting date of the third Tuesday of every month.

Lynne Young, Head Librarian, displayed three oil paintings done for the library as candidates for the new library card, to replace the mauve SELCO cards. You can see pictures of two of them on the right. The pictures were painted by David Allen and feature the NPL(Northfield Public Library).

A letter was passed around thanking Jayne Hager Dee for her six years of service to the NPL board. Everyone signed it.

A new member, Leanne Nobel, was introduced. Leanne runs Nobel Chiropractic on the north end of Division and owns that building adjacent to the library with her husband. She is the only small business owner currently on the board.

Mark Zach of the "Friends of the Northfield Public Library": gave a report. The recent fundraiser brought in quite a few dollars and the FotNPL are deciding what to do with it. One front-runner is to sponsor free rides on the Northfield Transit to and from the library.

The tech committee reported about the new downloadable audiobook service, "previously reported about": Two other items related to the filtering of the internet connection were discussed...

# SELCO is considering downgrading their subscription to the current filtering provider. This raises a multitude of isses - accessibility, Spanish language filtering, categories, etc. There was much discussion but no resolution of this issue as many of the items are wait-and-see.
# The library's "free WAP":, which was previously unfiltered is now filtered. This was primarily so that the staff could use it to conduct business as state employees are not allowed to connect to the internet during work on unfiltered connections. The filtering was still being tinkered with as there were a few technical problems with it.

The upcoming space needs assessment is due the first week in April. More information on this after the next meeting.

The review of the Video Performance Policy was tabled.

Various bits of administrivia were discussed. For more information on these, you can request a copy of the official minutes of the meeting.

*That's all for March 2006*. I normally get the report out within a week of the meeting, but it was a busy month. Thanks for reading this far - as a reward, you get the joke:

Q: Why didn't the burglar break into the library?
A: He was afraid he'd get a long sentence.

Hey, I didn't say it would be a _good_ joke. ;)

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A Better Library Joke

Why did the librarian slip and fall on the library floor?
Because she was in the non-friction section.

Another one.

Me: Knock-knock
You: Who's there?
Me: A librarian.
You: A librar-

Librarians don't find that one all that funny, but everyone else does. :)