The Spring Melt fills the Cannon River (with Video!)

The spring melt has begun to fill the Cannon River again. While it's not nearly as high as it was in 2004 ("Gallery One":, "Gallery Two":, it was making quite a racket as it churned past downtown.

If you'd like to see more, look inside...

Here's a shot from the bridge. If you look at the mill, you can see that it's still quite a bit lower than it was in 2004.

Here's a shot from the side. I was particularly taken with the water as it rolled over the falls.

Also of note is that there were no trees, large branches, or, ahem, trash bobbing up and down in the churn.

And one shot of the river as it heads towards the Lower Arb and Cannon Falls. Two years ago, the water was right at the top (and over in many places) on the riverwalk.

The video doesn't do a good job of capturing exactly how loud the river is during the spring melt. It _roars_, forcing you to shout to be heard. It's always an experience and a reminder from Mother Nature that she's awake again.

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Great vids!

Thanks A-Train.

Thank you Adam.

Thank you Adam.

I would like to shoot video and put it on the web as you have done.  Is that an easy thing to do?  Can you learn yourself?  Where do you start?

Someday this will all be very simple...

Well, there's really three steps to it.

# Shoot the video
# Transfer it to a computer
# Prep it for the web

As for 1, that's up to you. I used my phone to capture this, but normally I used my Kodak EZ-Share 1002920.202-something or another.

For 2, my files are pulled in when I sync with my Mac. If you use a digital video camera, chances are you can use the firewire cord to connect with your computer. There are other video-in options too.

Number 3 is the toughie. The ones above are simply homemade flash vids, which require Macromedia Flash. It's $$$, but I use it for work. Griff uses "Audioblog", which is a subscription service. I have heard positive things about embedding youtube and google vids in these sites too, but I haven't tried it.

Did that help?