Geek Night; March 30


Geek Night is on March 30, at the The Contented Cow. Geeks normally arrive starting around 7:00 PM. The Cow will be providing the obligatory whiteboard, supporting geeks' needs.

Geek Night is an informal social gathering, where topics of discussion range from math, to computer science, to philosophy, to chemistry - and everything else geeky.

Bruce Morlan has a math puzzler on his blog as a Geek Night teaser.

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I probably can't make it...

The wife's got a 'girl thing' that night, so I probably can't make it, but I'll contribute a puzzler:

A government passes a law saying that families who have children must stop as soon as a boy is born. They can have as many girls as they want, but as soon as they have a boy, they must stop having children.

Assuming everything else to be normal, what does the society look like after three generations? Five? Ten?


Part of the geek night equation is;

x = 0
Where "x" is 'allowed excuses for non-attendance' :-) 


Do any geeks play the game of chess?