Oberstar Forum on Walking and Biking

Several of us Northfielders will be attending the fifth James L. Oberstar Forum on Transportation Technology and Policy at the Universtiy of Minnesota on April 10. The forum's topic this year is "Transportation Choices: The Important Role of Walking and Biking."

Among the Northfielders in attendance will be Peggy Prowe, former city council member and board member of the Mill Towns Trail; Bruce Anderson, Executive Director of RENew Northfield; and myself, a volunteer with RENew Northfield.

The forum will be held from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. As part of the agenda, Rep. Oberstar will discuss federal funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. Among the other speakers will be Berthold Tillman, the mayor of Munster, Germany.

Please consider joining us at the forum and helping to plan and promote a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly Northfield. Registration is required and can be done online, by mail or by fax.

As of March 24, nearly 150 people had registered for the forum. Maximum capacity is 200. Feel free also to contact me for more information at 645-5979.

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Oberstar forum

I forgot to add that there is no cost to attend the forum.

Carpooling to forum

I plan to bike to this event (about 40 miles each way) unless the weather is hellacious. It seems likely that this is one event where folks wouldn't be offended by someone showing up a bit sweaty in bike clothes.

If anyone is interested in riding with me, give a shout.

Bruce Anderson
Executive Director
RENew Northfield
402 Washington St.
Northfield, MN 55057

Phone: 507.645.7133


Since we (Dundas-Bridgewater Planning Commission) are right in the middle of reviewing our Comprehensive Plan, and we are trying to be a VERY forward looking community, this seems to be a very good thing to go to. The Comprehensive Plan is an integral and key component in the Planning and Zoning process so I hope to attend this event. Of course, I'm not in any position or condition (yet) to try and ride my miserable mountain bike there and back, but I could car pool if anyone wants to try that.

Bruce Morlan
Dundas-Bridgewater Planning Commission