Using the web to access voters

Two of our local politicians at the State level are asking web-savvy citizens to give them some feedback. It seems like a pretty good plan, although it does emphasize the importance of one of the core missions of Northfield Citizens Online, which is to reach out to the entire community. Just as polls based on telephone numbers miss a large segment of the population, so too do web-based surveys.

But, even with those caveats, these might be fun, informative and worthwhile. It only takes about 15 minutes to do both. Actually, they have the same set of multiple choice questions, but Rep. Cox's includes room for additional comments.

Remember, if you want to be heard, speak up; if you want to be listened to, don't scream.


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"survey" is not "news"

That "survey" of Neuville and Cox is a canned thing that all the R's a website are doing all across the state (national too?) and I don't think it's appropriate for an apolitical nonpartisan ".org" with 501(c)(3) status to protect to promote this as "news."

The mission of NCO

If there was a Democrat or an Independent candidate doing similar, I’d have listed them as well, these two were chosen because they represent this area at the state level. I guess this comes under the heading of “incumbent advantage