This Week in the Northfield Blogosphere

A quick round up of this weeks posts in the "Northfield blogosphere":

*Gary Smith*, Northfield's Chief of Police, responds to "a question from a citizen regarding requests for service":

bq. All of our police officers carry cell phones to be in touch with Northfield residents should they need a question answered after hours or on weekends when our business office is closed. The phones were not intended to replace our response to speak to you directly.

*Chip Cuccio* recounts his experience "Doing the Right Thing":

bq. As I got back in my office, I saw out my office window, this guy back his truck directly my into neighbor’s tree…smashing into it…hard.

*Ross Currier* and the *NDDC* "get approval on a 'Historic Downtown' sign for Northfield":

bq. Late last year, NDDC Board Members Dan Bergeson and Joe Grundhoefer asked the CVB for financial support. They were turned down.
The NDDC doesn't give up easily.

The *League of Women Voters* has "released a guide for": well, I'll let them explain:

bq. The League just released Looking for Sunshine: Protecting Your Right to Know, a resource guide to assist organizations interested in openness in government.

The *Northfield Construction Company* has "pictures of a kitchen remodel they recently worked on":

bq. We recently finished up a nice remodeling project for a client in Northfield. The work involved installing a new kitchen in the existing kitchen location. The end result looks wonderful and the client is very pleased with how everything turned out.

This is just a sampling of "the recent activity in the Northfield blogosphere": The aggregation page is a great place to keep tabs on what's happening all around Northfield, civically, commercially, and personally.

See you next week!