Reminder: Precinct Caucuses at 7pm Tonight

You don't have to be an official member of either political party to attend, but the DFL and Republican Parties each hold their own caucus TONIGHT at 7:00.

  • The DFL caucus is at Northfield Middle School
  • The Republican caucus is at Northfield High School

For more information, there is a Precinct Caucus Brochure (PDF) available on the website of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

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Republican caucus info for 'Northsiders'

The information provided in the above post does not apply to those Northfielders who live north of North Avenue (thus in Dakota County) and who would like to attend the Republican caucus.  If you are one of those individuals, the Republican caucus for Ward 3, Precinct 3 (what we call the Northside neighborhood) will be held at 7:00PM at the Greenvale Town Hall, which is a quaint little white building a few miles north of Northfield on Cedar Avenue.

If you are a Northsider who wants to attend the Democratic caucus, it will be at the Middle School as noted.

-Andy Kornkven

Thanks for the additional info!

Thanks, Andy. What a great example of the power of this medium for disseminating information!